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Choosing MI

Temporary work

M.I. as a solution in an urgent context

We give to you the best solution and quickly when you need backup or replacement staff:

• To replace absent collaborators

• To ensure a temporary increase of the workforce

• To perform occasional or seasonal work

M.I. to ensure a permanent flexibility for your workforce

We consider that a flexible workforce is part of the key elements of a company strategy. This calls for the permanent mobilization of the human resources adapted to the variations of the market. MI becomes then a real partner.

The advantages

• The exact competence for the right job

• The absence of constraints linked to the recruitment process

• Greater flexibility in the managing of human resources.

• The reduction of a heavy administrative management (costs, loss of

time, declarations, conflicts)

The solution you are looking for

Temporary work contracts answer to all situations. It is a flexible and rapid solution to have an available and adapted workforce quickly.

Recruitment and hiring within the company can sometimes be a loss of time, especially for short durations.

MI can become your competent and available partner.

Recruiting Consultancy

You have to recruit a collaborator that you wish to see integrate your company without going through a period of temporary work.

MI takes care of the whole recruitment process for you and gives you the benefit of its knowledge of recruitment techniques.

Thanks to its knowledge of all the candidates, our team applies a recruitment method that has been proven efficient and good tools in order to select and present to you the most adequate candidates for your job offer.