The Leader of temporary work in Monaco





If there will be an event you should not miss in the Principality, it is the week of November dedicated to the ‘’No Finish Line’’ where people will gather in ‘’Port Hercule’’ to combine strength and heart for a common goal.

The goal for such charity is to earn one euro for every single kilometer run which will be donated to the ‘’Children and future association’’ volunteered by Monegasque companies. This will definitely put a smile on kid’s faces that desperately need our help.

The Adventure began in 2007 where MI joined this event with a team of twenty enthusiasm participants. The team was coming to be a driving force. Since then we have been able to reach out there and get more recruit, more volunteers whom eager to join and build a bigger team serving children. Our team has earned 11163 kms in 2011 which is 5000 kms more than 2010’ run record.

On the ‘’No Finish Line’’ the spirit of commitment and will, features from MI values, are enjoyed in a circuit where all come together with their desires and personal challenges.

A thousand and three hundred meters loop for 8 days run, will provide a common place to meet and share views during charity run. It is a great place to see new faces or even old friends who were missing from our daily life.

The atmosphere is so positive/ spiritual that body and soul work together to beat tiredness and those last hard inches to finish. It is like you addicted for more.

More than participation, the presence of MI is turning out to have a real commitment in this sporting charity event as its own sponsor to fund the kilometres travelled by team.