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Why choose temporary work

A new work force

Temporary work has become a kind of employment that enables to manage one’s career better. It also gives an appreciable flexibility.

Temporary workers range from students to retired people or mothers who wish to gradually come back on the work market, as well as executives and engineers looking for different skills.

In addition to attractive salaries, the advantages range from health coverage to paid leave and bonuses that are specific to the temporary workers.

Thus, any new skill acquired makes one consider new career perspectives.

Temporary work is an active and dynamic sector to look for a job. It has become a quick access to a first working experience.

Being a temporary worker gives the opportunity to see from within how a company works and to know if such a company or its sector is a source of interest and motivation.

For the youth, temporary work gives the possibility to build a working experience that will enhance a résumé.

MI offers a wide range of enriching work offers in every sector.

In a short term perspective, temporary work comes along with financial advantages supposed to compensate for the instability of the work status.

In a longer term perspective, temporary work is a good way to show one’s abilities in a company before being rewarded a more stable job there.

Indeed, the companies that use temporary workers most are the ones that create jobs and hire the most.

These companies offer real perspectives. With more interesting and motivating jobs, a longer duration for work assignments, the rising possibility to be hired, temporary work is now acknowledged as a sector with a great number of qualified workers.